Our mission: Trustworthiness.

At MIM, we believe that every newborn has a right to a healthy start in life. As the manufacture of medical devices, we bear a particular responsibility for ensuring this.

The MIM Principle


The daily battle for life and health leaves no room for error. In an area where even the smallest of deviations has far-reaching consequences, we must respond with ever more precise solutions.

We consider precision to be a guarantee of quality, from design to fabrication. The more precise the technology, the greater the success in clinical practice.


We meet the growing care requirements in neonatology and pediatrics and invest in research into product solutions that do not yet exist.

We are our own greatest critics and regularly send our products back to the testing bench. With our employees’ willingness to innovate, it is our goal to continue setting new benchmarks in mechanical ventilation.


With the fast-paced clinical work environment in hospitals, technology must solve problems, not create them. Our aim is to meet these growing complex challenges of with simple solutions. 

We design our high-tech products from the point of view of the user, from installation to logical coupling of devices to intuitive operation.