Flow Sensor Anesthesia

Precise mixing.

Flow sensors from MIM for use in anesthesia machines.

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Innovation & precision

More than just an accessory.

MIM flow sensors are the critical component in the performance of ventilators and anesthesia machines. As a pioneer in ventilation monitoring, we’ve known this for more than 30 years.




Flow Sensor Anesthesia

The MIM Anesthesia Flow Sensor provides exceptionally sensitive measurements. Thanks to its special selection of materials, the flow sensor is ideally suited for the sterilization processes in hospitals, offering a long working life without any loss of measurement precision. This means it not only meets all the relevant hygienic requirements but is also exceptionally cost effective for the user.


Measurement technique: Hot-wire anemometer
Precision: +/- 4%
Dead space: one request
Flow rate: on request
Bidirectional: on request
Autoclavable: Steam sterilization at 134 °C

Precise flow measurement

The MIM Anesthesia Flow Sensor provides exceptionally sensitive measurements. On-going research means the flow sensor’s tolerances are considerably lower than that of conventional flow sensors and thus the risk of rebreathing is reduced to a minimum — even if there is contact with moisture and secretions.

Intelligent flow measurement

Flow sensors from MIM are based on the trusted hot-wire anemometry technology. Combined with our software solutions, it offers extremely fast and precise measurements as well as exceptionally low inspiratory and expiratory resistances. This makes it the method of first choice compared to others.

Device-specific monitoring

The Flow Sensor is used inside the ventilator, where it ensures optimum and exceptionally reliable patient assessment.

Quality and workmanship 

Quality down to the last detail

Every detail counts: Flow sensors from MIM are produced using only the highest quality components which are a result of our meticulous quality assurance processes and supplier selection. This means we can guarantee the longest working life for our devices together with the most precise measurements.


Original Equipment Manufacturer

Custom design and compatibility.

As an OEM manufacturer, we develop and produce customized flow sensors. The MIM product family offers the additional benefit of being compatible with ventilators from leading international manufacturers.

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